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Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 13,091/23,319

Game Records

Trainer ID: #734959577
Registration: 13/12/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Dec/2017
Game Time: 2677:07 Hours
Total interactions: 4,341,553
Trainer Battle Stats: 436 won, 75 lost.
Money: 1,735,838
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


If you were forced to have me in your family,
as what would you want to have me in it?

- Dad
- Husband
- Brother
- Cousin
- Uncle
- Grandfather
- Pet

Stolen from other thiefs

2 Days ago7 comments
Interaction exchange? I have 27 Eggs waiting to be hatched ;-;

Also someone please take my daycare luck or send help

8 Days ago6 comments
If you could still any Pokemon(s) from me, which would it be?

10 Days ago11 comments
Sorry for close feeds but guys

3 new berries were added to the berrydex

Does it have to do with Zekrom and Reshiram? :o

11 Days ago4 comments
Interaction exchange? There are 20 Eggs waiting for me ;-;

Also fun fact: I never had an empty party ever since I started this hunt excluding the one time I forgot to claim more eggs whoops

11 Days ago5 comments

Thanks for hosting this ;D

17 Days ago1 comment
Looking for a Female Frosty Keckleon, if anyone has one for sale please Pal Pad me ;D

24 Days ago0 comments
Looking for a Female Frosty Keckleon, please Pal Pad me ;D

26 Days ago0 comments
The anime I cried the most in were Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Naruto (Shippuden) and Sword Art Online (Assassination Classroom might be added soon in this list), thats like 1/4th of the anime I watched/am watching pffffft

Also if you can suggest me anime with many feels I'd be grateful ;D

27 Days ago15 comments
Comment here if you'd like to be massclicked (if you have more than ~2.5k Pokemon hesitate from commenting)

I need more people asap ;w;

29 Days ago20 comments
Total interactions: 4,149,191

This number tho

30 Days ago1 comment
I actually forgot who ordered a Shiny Smeargle spot from me. Please Pal Pad me if it was you, your Shiny has hatched ;D

I need to keep notes of these somewhere

30 Days ago0 comments
I need opinions fast ;-; What should I watch?

Angrl Beats
Soul Eater
Boku No Hero Academia

30 Days ago7 comments
Hide --> -Oddy

It's... been a while since I've had this name, like 9 months. I'm so happy to finally have it again.

1 Month ago5 comments
Welp Tobey just adopted me ;D

1 Month ago1 comment

Shiny Mega Venusaur: This one took me about a month and 630 eggs to hatch. It is pretty special to me, not only because it's a Shiny Mega or because Ivysaur is one of my favorite mons', but because Bulbasaur was my first hunt and it actually broke the record for longest hunt back in 2014 with 530 Eggs hatched.

Shiny Mega Ampharos: This is an accomplishment I'm not really proud of. A really dear friend of mine was hunting it (Gothbutter) and I ended up hatching a Shiny Mega at Chain 50, only wanting a Mega Able. Believe me, I actually got mad at RNG for this.

Shiny Surfer Machop/Machotide/Beachamp: I spent real money on these, not really much to say here.

1 Month ago2 comments
So, some of you (and by some I mean like 3-5 people, who can easily see it through our chats) that I have a really big problem. I'm indecisive and easily influenced by other people. But with a slap logic instantly returns to me.

I've already changed my opinion on this a few times. The only thing about the first on site hashtag thingy is that in my opinion it's use is to share your accomplishments. And those are solely accomplishments and they're something to be proud of, no matter what other people might say or if the community showers you with hate.

What you think about yourself is what matters the most. Don't let yourself be influenced by the society like some people, including myself, do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and other people should respect that.

Please don't expect me to share my opinion if the subject is obviously going to result in drama. [...]

1 Month ago3 comments
Here's my dog, Elvis, as requested by Green- ;D He's not really clean as he was playing in the yard, but oh well ;3

1 Month ago9 comments
Give me a number or two please?

Some won't be answered due to privacy and such but yeah, most will be answered

1 Month ago27 comments
So, a few months ago I did a few of these:


But I only made the ones that are (or will be put, depending on the time you're seeing this) in the comments and I'd love to make more. Could you suggest me Pokemon to do? :o I may not be able to do some Gen 7 Pokemon though ^^'

2 Months ago18 comments



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