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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 3,029/3,299

Game Records

Trainer ID: #329966650
Registration: 12/09/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 772:16 Hours
Total interactions: 410,792
Trainer Battle Stats: 44 won, 30 lost.
Money: 444,808
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


FINALLY finished the first part of the Giratina quest! My reflexes are so slow...

2 Days ago0 comments
By Hound00m - 1 Hour and 12 Minutes ago. #FreeShinyMegaAbleRetroShiny

Hey. It's Hound00m. Share this tag to get a chance to win a shiny Magikarp, Mega-able Gyradoes, Retro Hoothoot, Retro Chikorita, or Retro Cyndaquil. I'll PP you if you win and you get a choice of any of the above.

Share - one ticket

Electric gems - two tickets

Battery - two tickets

4 Days ago0 comments
I'm... so angry. Can someone give me some advice?

4 Days ago2 comments
What do I do in the Giratina quest?

12 Days ago2 comments
Share this hashtag to be entered in an awesome drawing to win 1,000,000 PD!! If more than 100 different users enter 100 nuggets will be given away as well, so the more you share the better!! This will end Sept 16th at server reset! (So sept 15 @ 8pm EST for me)

23 Days ago0 comments

An Electrike from a trade. :3

1 Month ago0 comments
Any tips on catching Huntail at the Emera Beach?

1 Month ago1 comment
Made some great catches at Emera Beach tonight. :3

2 Months ago2 comments
Why won't auto-intelligence mode activate for me in battles, but it activates for my opponent? It jut cost me a win...

2 Months ago0 comments
By ~Bad_Apple~
Hello~ ^-^ My name is Khristian and I have decided to give away some stuff that I do not need, want, or simply give someone else the chance to have it. They're not great prizes but here's what I have:

1. A Moltres
2. A mega stone
3. A resolute stone
4. A shiny Lapras
5. 50 nuggets

So, it's only fair that I have 5 winners. However - there, of course, is one thing you must do to enter besides maybe sharing. I'm curious to know what your spirit animal is. Random, I know xD ~ So, for 1 ticket, comment your spirit animal on this post. For a second, share this post so more people can have a chance too ^-^ Giveaway ends tomorrow, reset.

3 Months ago0 comments

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Day 5: Favorite Fighting Type

Pure fighting-type: Makuhita
Dual fighting-type, primary: Lucario
Dual fighting-type, secondary: Blaziken

Day 6: Favorite Normal Type

Pure normal-type: Lickilicky
Dual normal-type, primary: Pidove
Dual normal-type, secondary: Helioptile

Day 7: Favorite Poison Type

Pure poison-type: Koffing
Dual poison-type, primary: Croagunk
Dual poison-type, secondary: Bulbasaur

Day 8: Favorite Steel Type

Pure steel-type: Klink
Dual steel-type, primary: Klefki
Dual steel-type, secondary: Alolan Sandshrew

4 Months ago0 comments

Day 1: Favorite Fire Type

Pure fire-type: Litten
Dual fire-type, primary: Charizard
Dual fire-type, secondary: Salandit

Day 2: Favorite Water Type

Pure water-type: Psyduck
Dual water-type, primary: Lapras
Dual water-type, secondary: Kabutops

Day 3: Favorite Grass Type

Pure grass-type: Chespin
Dual grass-type, primary: Decidueye
Dual grass-type, secondary: Sewaddle

Day 4: Favorite Electric Type

Pure electric-type: Pikachu
Dual electric-type, primary: Zapdos
Dual electric-type, secondary: Joltik

4 Months ago0 comments
Professor Rowan is talking about the Orre region! I wonder if that means Shadow Lugia might be available on PH soon.

4 Months ago0 comments
What's the coolest thing you've ever gotten in the PH Wondertrade?

4 Months ago2 comments



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