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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 18,348/20,749


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mega Rayquaza
488848,025 / 894,871
Mega Sharpedo
2,41210,041,310 / 21,825,586
Gomaseel16680 / 817
Gomaseel16812 / 817
Gomaseel16414 / 817
Gomaseel16690 / 817

Shiny Hunt

Flamaij is currently hunting Gomaseel.
Hunt started: 10/02/2019

Chain: 93

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SilverStar 2 Days ago
Loop_Dreamer 2 Days ago
Elettra_the_Luxray 2 Days ago
Liffy 4 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #922944814
Registration: 08/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Oct/2019
Game Time: 2314:28 Hours
Total interactions: 1,042,503
Money: 3,167,149
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


tfw you were away for a day and PH changed so much layout-wise OAO
25 Days ago
Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion.
Yes, you are entitled to say what's on your mind.

However, assuming that someone didn't put in enough effort in something just because it doesn't look like it to you doesn't mean it's true. Creativity is fickle, and I'm sure all the artists on here know that there are times when nothing seems to be working right, no matter how many times you redo it from scratch - especially with a fixed schedule that states when something has to be finished. You don't know how things actually work behind the scenes, so maybe, just maybe consider this while you simply bash a sprite just because you don't like it? Because, let's be real there, whom of you would actually have the guts to tell that someone straight in the face?

Thought so.

/rant over
1 Month ago
me: I'll never do another shiny mega hunt again after absol
PH: -releases mega milotic-
me: ...... why.
2 Months ago
my dinner is making strange sounds ಠ_ಠ''
-pokes pasta bake with a fork-
5 Months ago

Dunno if anyone remembers the Pokémon TCG for GBC? It was a really nice game, and being the collector I am, I was so proud when I finally managed to collect every single card in the game. My happiness didn't last for long, though.

My sister, who was at the age of walking around back then, somehow managed to get a hold on my GBC while I was at school and played with it. I remember coming home, turning on my GBC and then staring in disbelief at the screen when the game told me that there is no saved file to be found. Turns out my sister played around so much that she simply deleted the only saved file I had on there. I never found the motivation to completely play that game again 8')
6 Months ago
I'm going to regret it probably, but...

Comment here if you want an honest opinion from me about you~

stolen from pretty much everyone
9 Months ago
continue reading one piece, they said
it will be fun, they said

current chapter count: 903
read chapter count: 464

9 Months ago
anyone on here who has some recommendations for mobile phone games? owo
9 Months ago
o h
10 Months ago
me: -tosses coin into the fountain-
fountain: congratz, increased mega-able chance (8
me: ...
fountain: ((8
me: shiny mega comfey, here I go >o>''
11 Months ago
what do you call a laughing motorcycle?

a yamahahaha :v
1 Year ago
me: seriously, how difficult can it be to get your pokémon/egg on the index?
me, after two days of camping on the index page: ...... well.
1 Year ago
when did the Japanese start eating eggs? a long たまご.
1 Year ago
what do you call an apologetic exhale?
-- gomenasigh
1 Year ago
To sum up today: It was a mess :v

Wouldn't have wanted it any different though for the first meeting of the Haikyuu!! trio <3
1 Year ago
remember earlier this year when the haikyuu!! squad pranked you on April's Fools? good times.

makes me wonder what we should do next year to confuse you guys more BD -cackles-
1 Year ago
You successfully changed your name to Flamaij!
1 Year ago
(ㅎ‸ㅎ )
2 Years ago
* :・゚✧ ƸӜƷ ✧゚・: *
5 Years ago


What does the fox say?