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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 58/5,333

Game Records

Trainer ID: #943592020
Registration: 05/02/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Aug/2017
Game Time: 1402:22 Hours
Total interactions: 127,841
Trainer Battle Stats: 13 won, 24 lost.
Money: 1,343,137
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Happy birthday! And hope you have a great day!!!

Yesterday, 07:312 comments
Why do the ones you love always hurts you more than everyone else?!!!
I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE!!! People of this world sucks! The more love you give them the more you get hurt by them! (Except my lovely friends which were always with me in every happy and sad moment and always encouraged me!)

1 Day ago19 comments
JanineVinita have 7 more eggs in daycare so pls interact with her party!

1 Day ago1 comment
I have alot of berries as i always buy berries from item shop so if anyone want any berry just palpad me! Also if you want less than 9 berries you'll get them for free but you'll have to pay for 9+ berries! Prices can be different!!!

1 Day ago0 comments
I sent a user a light rock about two months ago and GTS shows that they haven't received it yet and i've seen him online several times and even palpad him about it several times and yester day i gave him warning that if he won't receive it in three days i will take it back! What should i do?! (Yes, He paid me for it!)

1 Day ago7 comments
New GTS suggestion:
'Search for specific Users trades!' So that it could be easy for us to see that how much trades they have in GTS and which one! (It will truly help when people say i have xxxxx pokemon in GTS looking for xxxxx! But they didn't put the trade just now!)

1 Day ago5 comments
Pls vote! I'll decide Tomorrow...!

1 Day ago1 comment
By PokéRadar - 3 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Clamperl hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #233)!
OMG! I was thinking a minute ago that i wish i could hatch that last shiny because my premium was going to end tomorrow! (It took her almost 80 eggs to come out!) But i'm glad she made it!

2 Days ago9 comments
I have come back! I really enjoyed, I was with my friends and we had everything planned so it was suppose to be fun! We were gine to some historical places which were amazing! Hope you all had a good day without me!

2 Days ago4 comments
A Mod was on my profile a while ago! Even though i haven't break any rules!
But I'm scared!!!

3 Days ago8 comments
I won't be able to much on here tomorrow! Because i'm going with my friends on a trip to another City! I maybe come for some min in any hour just to check but i'll be mostly off tomorrow! So much loss of DP, since i won't be able to collect it tomorrow!

3 Days ago4 comments
By GneGne
Please Interact with my eggies, I've some in my daycare.. and remember, when this hunt will finish I reward some of people who helped me and share this feed! ^^

3 Days ago0 comments
There is a user still on PH, Which owes me a shiny pokemon (Because i paid for it) and more than a year has been passed since i ordered that shiny! But i still didn't got it!!!

3 Days ago31 comments

3 Days ago2 comments
I think i will never get that last shiny i want! Chain pls hatch just one more shiny pls!!!

3 Days ago5 comments
#Ag2Au by Argentis
Aiming for gold again, and I'm greatly appreciative of all the help I can get!

How to Join:
* Train or Feed berries to Sonic and Azazel; training earns 1 ticket and berry-feeding 2 tickets.
* Comment proof of berry-feeding/training on Argentis' original feed!
* Share the whole hashtag post, with the links for an extra ticket daily!

Prizes: 1st place prize of 100 Nuggets and two runner-up prizes of 75 Nuggets

Rare Candy Prize: send in Rare Candies for a chance to win one of three 100 Nugget prizes!
* All Rare Candy donations must be labelled with "Ag2Au" in order to qualify for this raffle

[Send Rare Candy] | [Share]

4 Days ago0 comments
Shiny hunt starters or Lab hunt!

4 Days ago0 comments
About my face reveal post anyone scrolled up that image (New one)? There were two images there! lol

4 Days ago1 comment
How i look like one year ago, & how i look like now!
-I've Matured!
-New Hair style with long Hair!
-Beard's more dark!

5 Days ago13 comments
He is my Brother Best Friend!We don't talk to each other like friends we talk like we're Brothers, He always helped me when i was helpless and didn't had much friends! He is someone who is more dear to me than Family!!!

5 Days ago3 comments



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