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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 6,499/17,403

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Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 24/Mar/2017
Game Time: 5075:14 Hours
Total interactions: 3,015,575
Trainer Battle Stats: 9 won, 3 lost.
Money: 6,052,185
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


oh my go d????

Yesterday, 23:256 comments
By Auction House - 7 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.
You won an auction.
Auction: Autumn Kadabra (Your bid: 510,000 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.

and ofc it evolved so for the next two i need to either buy them everstoned or try to go through the hell of hunting it myself :'3

also my boyf took a pic of all the sandwiches i took over to him so you can see i wasnt kidding about the quantity
so many sandwiches...
and there were 4 more of those small boxes and a platter, remember :'y

1 Day ago5 comments
so my mum went to a funeral today for one of her careusers who passed away in like, the first week of the month i think? Apparently there were a lot of people at the initial service but after that, almost no-one was there for the wake or ate anything, so being a mother and a family of 5, she brings home the left over food.

leftover food of which consists if a sandwich platter, a medium-sized cardboard box of the same sandwiches, 7 smaller boxes of yet more sandwiches, a biscuit tin full of, you guessed it, even more sandwiches, two of the things she cooked, a bunch of her homemade volovants, one and a half giant volovants she made, a bunch of roast chicken and two packs of peanuts.
so, p much everything she made and took, she ended up bringing back along with way too many sandwiches
what are we meant to do w/ all these sandwiches jfc orz

2 Days ago10 comments
why oh why did i choose to do another event chain :'v
my daycares been relatively dead and anything theyve made has been a piece of trash :'I

and before anyone assumes they were initially good bc chain, i had 11 of those before i started it in storage, now its stalled and im impatient af orz

5 Days ago6 comments
if anyone still needs jirachi hmu i got literally 60 spares still it seems

5 Days ago4 comments
oh my god i went to send out a "completely random" plushie for the beauty contest task and it tried to send it to someone who blocked me ahahahahahah

6 Days ago6 comments
>goes to a rant channel to rant about being misgendered just bc Delphox is in my name
>gets told by like 5 different people that they feel delphox is feminine, represents a witch specifically and even 'if i had to guess your gender without prior knowledge id think you were female'

this isnt h elping,,,

6 Days ago12 comments
tfw your pokemon finds the rumble legend after only 20 hours

6 Days ago1 comment
tfw you get an event egg on a x2 day
[insert k'nuckles meme]

7 Days ago2 comments
when your daycare has been dry for like the entire day and its because the deposit ran out without the daycare owner even telling you again :'I

7 Days ago1 comment
god im so bad at talking to people
one of my friends who i was rly close to hasnt held a convo w/ me since last april :'y

8 Days ago1 comment
so ive hatched a bunch of derpatung now and idr who wanted them eheh,
so if you wanted to buy one, can you remind me? :'y

10 Days ago9 comments
twd is breaking me
this is the face of a broken man...fox

11 Days ago3 comments
quick question for any non-premium chainers
how much does is your max chance with shiny charm? bc there's some discourse in the discord about whether or not premium affects it which im sure it doesnt but i dont think ive ever let myself not be premium long enough to check myself.

11 Days ago10 comments
sorta adding on to my last feed, if anyone is planning on eventually hunting Rufflet, and considering slots, could you tell me how much you'd expect to ask for a shiny? :'3

12 Days ago0 comments
so i got bored and added every single shiny im missing that i'll be willing to hunt (excludes events, legends, beach shinies and ones im missing one stage of that i'd prefer to purchase) and wow is that a long list

12 Days ago2 comments
tfw you have 8 colours of many boxes but only 1 colour of key

12 Days ago1 comment
and now my egg storage is full of 11 Derpatung Eggs.
...not really much to start a chain with but... it's something at least ahah
just gotta hope it doesnt suck bc i only need one :'I

14 Days ago0 comments
By Daycare owner - 7 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.
Hey, DorkyDelphox! We recently found 25 eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.

woulda been nice to have this while hunting them ahah

15 Days ago2 comments
wow we're getting rly close to the 15millionth adoption
wonder if anythin'll happen

16 Days ago3 comments



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