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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 1,286/4,839

Game Records

Trainer ID: #271991207
Registration: 05/06/2017 (4 Months ago)
Premium member until 28/Jan/2019
Game Time: 634:54 Hours
Total interactions: 434,460
Trainer Battle Stats: 3 won, 10 lost.
Money: 129,140
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


got a Pumple up on AH bade bid 1K on for 3 hours and promoted auction

1 Day ago0 comments
You currently have 1750 Golden Game Chips. well dang!

1 Day ago2 comments
Shiny Numel just hatched from lab

1 Day ago7 comments
Articuno up on GTS

1 Day ago0 comments
this time tho it wasn't a random adopt, I was watching the lab because I had a space and saw electric and ice, electric wasn't anything and they were a second apart, then I saw it said legendary so I clicked it and got it

1 Day ago4 comments
So I got a Zapdos egg yesterday from the lab and I just got a Articuno from the lab

1 Day ago9 comments
Ive put my fear as little kids just to let you all know

1 Day ago0 comments
Looking to buy a Griseous Orb any one selling one?

2 Days ago0 comments

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2 Days ago4 comments
Mini raffle time! #PlushiesForPrime by MetagrossPrime

1 random winner will get a shiny plushie of their choice, and 3 runner ups will get any regular plushie of their choice.

1 ticket= 1 plushie i dont own

Send as many as youd like for more entries

If i get 50 entries, i will add a second shiny plushie to the prize pool

*Share this post after you send a plushie for an additional ticket*

2 Days ago0 comments
so I also got a Phione from the lab haha

2 Days ago0 comments
Oh, hi Braixie!
I see you recently hatched a special colored Koffing! That is pretty cool, congratulations.
I wonder if the origin of an egg influences whether the Pokémon is shiny or not. A friend of mine once told me that he got most of his shinies from the Tall Grass, whereas someone else prefered the daycare breeding service. Or maybe it depends on the parents of a Pokémon egg?
Well, who knows.

hehehe cool thanks Rowan xD

2 Days ago0 comments
Yo my 1st ever lab shiny

2 Days ago2 comments
By- Professor_Mac

Hi.. I'll be taking eggs from the lab. So, please warm the eggs every now and then.
I'll be giving away nuggets, gems, volcanions , and many other things if I hatch something good ( legendary birds , ditto , shiny , mega able). So, interact with my party and share this for better chances..

I keep getting new eggs every 5 minutes or so. So, interact pls!
[Interact] || [Share It]

2 Days ago0 comments
By Bart~ -

Raffle Time:

To participate you will need to send a mystery key/box and comment to have a chance to win 300 gems! 4 other participants will also win a dragon gem each! If I get to collect 50 mystery boxes/keys then the prize will be increased to 1000 random gems! 1 Mystery Box/Key is equal to 1 ticket! First 10 to participate will win 1x Lugia Vouhers each! Ends at 21/10/2017! Good luck!

2 Days ago0 comments
Just got a non shiny male serious nature Ducklett, if that's not a excuse to call it Riako nothing is

2 Days ago0 comments
how many eggs has everyone hatched today so far? Mine is: 220

2 Days ago5 comments
so just got told we also now have soda/pop in the house, this day is getting better and better

2 Days ago0 comments
Unreturned Favors
16,127 omg ;-;

2 Days ago7 comments
Today is my lucky day, I'm not even kidding.

So far Ive gotten 3x summon items on PFQ, a shiny ditto plushie, a Zapdos egg, my husband waking me up to my fave breakfast and a 83 plushie spam from GetsugaTenshou

2 Days ago5 comments



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I'm a pokemon fan 19 married and a girlgamer uh I like milk, my birthday is 23/12/1997 so yh I'm a unlucky bean who was born 2 days before Christmas and 2/3 months early, tho my dad doesn't remember if it was 2 or 3 months xD

I go by many nicknames: Braixie, PokemonLoverz, Cookie and Dani so feel free to call me any of them.

Please note, right now I'm not loaning out any pokemon that isn't in my Sell/Trade box (I don't loan out Pokémon very often.)
I don't battle very often.
I wont give you PD or Nuggets unless you win then in a giveaway or
raffle unless i buy something from you so please dont ask.

Only Pokemon in the Trade/Sell box and the Shop mon box are up for sale/trade all others arent for sale.
If a staff member is to enquire abput pokemon from my sell/trade box or my shop box/shop hunts they will recive the pokemon for free (even if its mega able or shiny. This is hecause it is my way of saying thank you to then for the amazing work they do on PH.

Currently Collecting: Ice Gems, Fire Gems, Electric Gems (All other gems will be saved for future use)

Gifts aren't required towards my Gem collections but are appreciated

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