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Trainer ID: #633063333
Registration: 11/05/2017 (4 Months ago)
Premium member until 22/Oct/2017
Game Time: 205:49 Hours
Total interactions: 15,960
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 4 lost.
Money: 1,262,371
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Teacher: Why were you out of school yesterday?

Me: I was sick.

Teacher: I don't care. You shouldn't stay home because of that.

Me: Okay, next time I'll come to school and throw up everywhere and make sure to get everyone else sick.

2 Days ago3 comments
Lol I can't believe people thought that USUM was gonna have 100 new Pokemon just because it had 400 in this japanese Pokemon poster. And they are widely disappointed when really 400 Pokemon from different generations are appearing in USUM. But I'm still hoping for Alolan Growlithe, Alolan Arcanine and the 1st or 2nd Alolan Gen starters xP

2 Days ago2 comments
Interactions made 210
Interactions received 428
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2 Days ago0 comments
Task 3: Thirsty May

Uhhh, I'm really exhausted. My trip from Hoenn to Emera has been very long and tiring. I really need a cold Hoenn Tonic right now.

... ... ... What? You don't know what a Hoenn Tonic is? ... Jeez! All you need are some good Pumkin Berries, a handful of Drash and Eggant Berries and then mix it with a Soda Pop! Simple as that.

Wait, where can I get Drash and Eggant berries?

2 Days ago1 comment
Welp, looks like my premium ended. I don't even know if I should use the rest of my nuggets to buy another month premium

2 Days ago1 comment
by Goats

#Freeshinyeevee Hey everyone it's Goats and I've decided to giveaway the next shiny eevee I hatch since I'm probably going to hatch extra shinies anyway, this will end when the shiny hatches ^-^ Just share the hashtag for a chance to win it

2 Days ago0 comments
Lol I'm back. I just wanted to know how much does the Vivillon(Pokeball) and Vivillon(Fancy) costs?

2 Days ago0 comments
by LightningGoddy

Update: now giving 50 heatrans instead of
30 heatrans due to this many people participating
Also 100 nuggets to a lucky user
And a megastone to another user
1 heatran per user
Just post #freeheatran
And you may get a heatran
Share this for a better chance to win

2 Days ago0 comments
Selling two shinies and a dragon gem for pd, nuggets or a mixture of both x3

3 Days ago0 comments
Hey guys! TheShadd is hosting a Gijinka drawing contest! Message them for more information~ :3

3 Days ago0 comments
berries have restocked in the emera mall for those that need them! :3

3 Days ago0 comments
Selling shiny Pokemon for nuggets so I can pay for another month premium after this one end tomorrow :3

3 Days ago0 comments
So I'm looking for rare candies, SO, I set up a trade. 50 nuggets for a good amount of rare candies. Someone just offered 15 rare candies. Is that a good trade? Rare candies cost about 7k.

3 Days ago1 comment
I have something good in the GTS! :3

4 Days ago0 comments
Tha 20th of september is my birthday and for celebrate I decided to do a raffle!
I'll give 3 shiny slowpokes to one user,some plates to the another user and another usefoul items to random peaple!
The raffle is easy only spread this raffle (if in tghis days I can't hatch my shiny slowpoke n.3 the winner only must wait!)
The rules are easy!
1)Be pacient
2)Don't ask me "What are the random items?"
3)Be kind
4)Don't say me "Please can I win?" if do it u are sure that u don't win!
5)If many peaple join in a raffle I can add different choise to win as mega able or hig level shiny^^
Last choise! Any gift that u want gift'll make me happy.

Raffle end at 14.00 Server time

4 Days ago0 comments
By LightningGoddy

Because i hatched my shiny heatran im giving away
30 heatrans
Also 100 nuggets to a lucky user
And a megastone to another user
1 heatran per user
Just post #freeheatran
And you may get a heatran
Share this for a better chance to win.

4 Days ago0 comments
Oh no, it's raining cats and dogs!

Normally I visit the Emera Mall every Wednesday to get some food and necessary items from the stores. But this horrible weather makes it currently impossible to go out!
I hope it will be sunny again soon. Take care of you when you go outside. 

Also, I just ran into shiny ditto in the lab lol

4 Days ago0 comments
Interactions made 819
Interactions received 482
Eggs hatched 6
Forum posts 0

5 Days ago0 comments
So I was on the on the clicklist, interacting with Pokemon on my friendlist when I kept running into shiny Pokemon. I mean A LOT of shiny Pokemon. And they all are owned by Liirah lol wow, that was a lot of shinies

5 Days ago3 comments
holy crap those berries at the shop are completely sold out. Aw man. Who's selling a bunch of berries? I'll buy 100 random berries for 4k since they cost 40 pd.

5 Days ago0 comments



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And this is my best friend, Bunna. She's a nice Buneary. If you hurt her, I'll never forgive you!

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