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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 2,925/3,103

Game Records

Trainer ID: #633063333
Registration: 11/05/2017 (9 Months ago)
Premium member until 26/Feb/2018
Game Time: 437:23 Hours
Total interactions: 104,371
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 4 lost.
Money: 135,946
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Selling a Nebula Stone(200k} and Shiny Toxapex(200k), (both of them together) for a mega stone.

Today, 00:350 comments
By *AnarchyMadScientist*

War is anarchy. I am anarchy. I will add to the fire of anarchy!


If this hashtag gets to number one on the trending hash tag list I will give 500k pokedollar.

It will be over before reset (23:59) on February 23rd.

Enjoy the anarchy my friends.


Why is this even happening xD

Today, 00:300 comments
By *AnarchyMadScientist*
Ooh. Two hashtags are competing for trending? Well, I will throw my hat into the ring.


If we can get this to reach number one on the most trending hashtag I will raffle a Mega Houndoom.

Ends a minute before reset (23:59) on February 22nd (since everyone else is ending at this time)

Good luck •

Yesterday, 23:571 comment
By Argentis

If this hashtag reaches #1 for most trending hashtag, I'll raffle out 200 Nuggets to one person who shares it.

Ends at a minute before reset (23:59) of 22nd of February.

Yesterday, 23:130 comments
the more I look at my shiny Lurantis, the more it looks like a piece of lettuce xD

Yesterday, 20:581 comment
Aw man, I see a whole bunch of Pokesona sprites on the index-page. I'm so jealous~ they're all so cute!

Yesterday, 00:050 comments
Aw man, I might not be active in the hour the party starts •~•

1 Day ago1 comment
Those poor kids in Florida.... They're all suffering after their friends was shot and killed during the school shooting... That's so freaking sad!

1 Day ago0 comments
How did we suddenly get to 100k users? Last time I looked at the count, it was around 99,980 or something lol

Anyway, my eyes are burning so bad that I can hardly keep my eyes open

1 Day ago0 comments
What should I name my Albino Raichu and Albino Alolan Raichu? I can't really come up with a good name for them on PFQ :3

1 Day ago0 comments
Selling Shiny Purrloin, Lurantis, Passimian and Toxapex along with 125k for Nuggets! :3

1 Day ago0 comments
Come one Jynx and Ditto, make babies for me! >:3 maybe if I complain a lot, they'll listen

1 Day ago0 comments
You know what? I'm going to save up to 3k nuggets to do a Festival Gardevior hunt because the mega is so beautiful. I have 0 right now so I have a long way to go :3

1 Day ago1 comment
Don't be sad. Because sad backwards is das, and das not good ಥ_ಥ

1 Day ago0 comments
So after getting a shiny Eevee and getting a mega stone voucher 5, I'm able to buy a Glaceon mega stone in Pokefarm. But I need to evolve Pokemon 50 times in order for me to get a mega ring. I only evolve 33 Pokemon so I have 17 more to go :3 I can't wait to get my shiny mega Glaceon. How much Credits/GP/ZC/PD/Nuggets would you get anyway if someone would've sold a shiny mega Glaceon?

2 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Purrloin hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #66)!

Wow I hatched it RIGHT AFTER I complained about it lmfao xD

2 Days ago4 comments
Ugh, I'm hoping one of these eggs hatch a shiny so I can start shiny hunting Pokemon that are only female (mostly Smoochums, Miltank and Kangaskhan)

2 Days ago2 comments

Guys, I cannot believe Yamask actually evolves. I've never actually used Yamask on my team and I thought that it and Cofagrigus was one of those Pokemon that doesn't evolve. But when I was younger, I thought Meganium evolves into Tropius and Wailord evolves into Kyogre. And that Tauros evolves into Bouffalant. Wow, look at me -_-

2 Days ago2 comments
Does anyone have a Kangaskhan they don't need? I need one :3

2 Days ago3 comments
Without my glasses, everything is blurry. I have trouble watching TV, even if it's only about 5 feet away from me. The worst part is, I lost my glasses and I have to wait next year to get new ones from the eye doctor. And I am NOT wearing eye contacts lol. I rub my eyes a lot, so I might just rub the contacts out of place. I have the worse eye sight ever without my glasses.

2 Days ago0 comments



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~Bella~ is currently hunting Smoochum.
Hunt started: 20/02/2018

Chain: 8
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Hiyah! My name is Bella and I'm known for the 16-year-old girl that's obsessed with Eevee! I really love the fact that it can evolve into nine different Eeveelutions! And Glaceon is also my favorite besides Lucario and Decidueye. They're both so awesome!

Current hunt: Smoochums
Next hunt: Kangaskhan
Future hunt: Passimian, Dewpider, Cutiefly, Pyukumuku, and Mimikyu.

3/50 Hoopa Eggs

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