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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 3,559/13,133

Game Records

Trainer ID: #185558685
Registration: 13/04/2016 (9 Months ago)
Premium member until 26/Mar/2017
Game Time: 1845:41 Hours
Total interactions: 4,968,464
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,038,609
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


By themightyglowcloud - 45 Seconds ago.
I have a new shiny/mega/event shop! Please check it out and share #glowhunts for a chance at a free event hunt. I currently have shiny Cutiefly & Eevee slots open. :3

Today, 00:120 comments

Hello everyone! Remember this hashtag? That's right, it's the hashtag for Christi's Item and Pokemon Shop!

You're probably wondering why this is important. Well, the shop has a goal it needs to reach of 7,220,000pd and we're only a little ways over half way there.

Sharing this hashtag and this message is important because once the shop reaches that goal one lucky person who shared this hashtag WITH this message, that part is important, will win a very special, very SHINY prize.

So share this hashtag, get your friends to share this hashtag, and most importantly stop in and pay a visit to Christi's Item and Pokemon Shop!

~Click Here to Share This WHOLE Message~

Yesterday, 21:430 comments

Want to win a Shiny Gastly? Here's how;
Share the *ENTIRE* post - 1 Ticket.
Send 5 Poison Gems - 1 Ticket.
Send 5 Ghost Gems - 2 Tickets.

This will last til reset tomorrow. I will be drawing two winners.
Good Luck!

||Share It|| ||Entries||

Yesterday, 16:520 comments
#LulusShinyDitto by LethalLulu

I am buying Normal Gems for 1 nugget each or 1,500 PD.

You can also win dittos by sharing the full hashtag and message, donating gems, or entering my raffle below!
​Check out my thread for more info.

Share || Raffle || Hunt Thread

5 Days ago0 comments
My friend Devil0356 is feeling a little depressed today. She needs some cheering up. That being said she's having a little giveaway. Go to her last feed and post a joke or a pun to make her smile. She's gonna be giving something nice to someone who posts something to make her smile or laugh the most.

5 Days ago3 comments
By void_fox - 1 Minute and 59 Seconds ago.
Hey guys! I really want a Diancie but I'm missing 2 Pokemon. Xerneas and Yveltal! I am paying 1 Gingergoat + 1 Dragon Gem each to borrow the two of them for a few minutes. We can do it over Trusted Trade if you'd like. #DiancieForVoid Please share or let me know if you can help!

5 Days ago0 comments
Friends, could you please interact with Sansica's party. She's trying to level up a few of her pokes. Thanks everyone

5 Days ago7 comments
By Atalina - 52 Minutes and 49 Seconds ago.
I feel bad for posting this again so soon, but I realized I meant to ask if people might share this and I had forgotten.

I opened a shiny shop a couple of days ago, and I'm currently hunting Froakie (3 slots open). I've also added a list of pokemon I'm willing to do for my next hunts, so you can request a hunt for one of those and I will do it in the order I get requests (my next hunt will be Lotad but after that will be whatever the next person requests)

Here's the link

thanks a lot of the money will go towards getting good prizes for the Zapdos raffles

6 Days ago1 comment
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Mudbray in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Now lets see how this goes.

7 Days ago4 comments
By jadeperks
if #gymleaderswanted reaches 500 shares by reset, il give away my victini to one lucky user
so people, start sharing (:

8 Days ago0 comments
Well I just opened my own Shiny Shop. I'll still be breeding for the Shiny Wish Factory but will be taking slots for all Shinys I hunt from now on. So if you don't mind please take a look at my new shop. It's still a work in progress but it's a start.

Ata's Shiny Shop

I'm currently hunting Mudbray for anyone who wants to order a slot.

I'd also appreciate it if my friends wouldn't mind sharing this.

9 Days ago5 comments
Finally my computer decided to be kind to me

Status: Finished. Your interactions: 2,252

Yesterday at this time I was lucky to get 450

9 Days ago0 comments


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Atavus is currently hunting Mudbray.
Hunt started: 08/01/2017

Chain: 192
(5 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Well what do I say here? Is it strange that I'm a mom who joined this site so I could learn more about my daughter's favorite subject, Pokemon? And now I'm more in love with the little critters than she is. Guess that's just me. Don't ask my age. I'm not telling.

I accept all friend requests and interact every day for a good part of the day, whether I receive interactions or not. I'm also willing to trade plushies with anyone interested.

Currently breeding for :

Shiny Wish Factory


My Own Shiny Shop

Currently Hunting

Shiny Mudbray

1 - Devil0356(p) - Delivered
2 - GetsugaTenshou - Delivered
3 - GetsugaTenshou - Delivered
4 - Oktopi - Delivered
5 - Peridot - Delivered
6 - rockstar11 (p)
7 - *Mysterious-*girl (p)
8 - Me
9 - Me

Future Planned Hunts

Shiny Solrock

1 - Devil0356(p)
2 - Devil0356(p)
3 - Aozora_no_Ange
4 - *Mysterious-*girl(p)
5 - Peridot
6 - Me
7 - Me

Anyone wishing to purchase a shiny slot please palpad me for prices

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Tangela x2 - Devil0356
Noibat x2 - Devil0356
Budew x1 - Devil0356

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