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Trainerlevel: 15

Trainerpoints: 371/689

Game Records

Trainer ID: #31919948
Registration: 29/09/2017 (23 Days ago)
Game Time: 68:11 Hours
Total interactions: 20,776
Trainer Battle Stats: 2 won, 2 lost.
Money: 14,223
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


I just used 5000 PD on the royal tunnel and it didn't even fully load till the last second and by that time it had already ended. Arghh! #WastedPD

Yesterday, 21:430 comments
Check GTS

Yesterday, 21:250 comments
#AutumnWishes after interacting with Daemira's party...
Updated list!
• Plushies I don't have
•Keys or Boxes

Yesterday, 20:550 comments

By Cyanna

Okay prize is at: 350k PD
and the bonus prizes: 1x Dragon Gem, 50x50 derp pixel avi, & one random mega-able pkmn!!!

Share so I can boost the prize!! I'm hoping to at least boost it to 500k before the end date, Oct 31.. but so far we need a bunch more shares to get to that point! More bonus prizes (& possible participation prizes) may be added!!!

Yesterday, 19:080 comments
Oooooohhh Ghosts... BOOOO!
(Afraid of ghosts if you haven't caught on already )

1 Day ago0 comments
Mini raffle time! #PlushiesForPrime by MetagrossPrime

1 random winner will get a shiny plushie of their choice, and 3 runner ups will get any regular plushie of their choice.

1 ticket= 1 plushie i dont own

Send as many as youd like for more entries

If i get 50 entries, i will add a second shiny plushie to the prize pool

*Share this post after you send a plushie for an additional ticket*

(Ends 24 hrs before the plushie even ends)

2 Days ago0 comments
Hey guys go welcome my friend to pokeheroes! His name is Maelstromjack! He's super nice so go give him plushies and stuff I dunno. Just go say hi!

2 Days ago0 comments
I'm afraid of ghosts. BOO!!!

3 Days ago1 comment
I am so excited for this event!!!!!

3 Days ago0 comments

By Cyanna
#PumpkinArmy Prize boosted to 250k!! Same as before:
Ends Oct 31st~
The more people who share the more likely I'll boost the prize!!
(Also to help boost the prize, I'm selling pumpkaboos! ALL proceeds go to the pumpkin army prize!!)
Clicking my eggs do help BUT isnt mandatory for entering the giveaway~
(Commenting the hashtag on the post doesnt count..)
Also!!!! A small bonus prize will be added soon!!

3 Days ago0 comments
#LastGoodbye by RequiemForADream
So I have 1 Shiny Snover and a Mega-Able Banette left.
All you have to do is send 1 Dragon Gem. Once I get 10 entries, the raffle is over. This way everyone who entered will have a great shot. When sending the Gem you MUST put which one you are going for. I will draw separately, based on your choice. Good Luck. I'll keep track of entries in comments.

5 Days ago0 comments
11th of November

5 Days ago0 comments
I got a new avatar! #HalloweenSpirit

6 Days ago0 comments
#FreeMil Round 15 by Argentis
One grand prize of 750k pd and two ways of winning 125k pd!
How to Join:
1) Share the FreeMil Hashtag.
2) PM your guess to Argentis
3) Wait for Argentis to reply and comment on your hashtag share. No reply or comment means you have not followed step 1 or 2 correctly.
4) FreeMil ends on Oct 15th, 1 min before reset!
Argentis has sisters:
* True
* False
Bonus: help fund FreeMil by sending in 1,250 pd (or a max of 75k pd) and be entered in a contributor prize draw. [Use the “gifts” option in GTS, and comment “FreeMil”] Two prizes for this round, either a mega-able or mega’d Houndoom OR 125k pd (choice is up for the first drawn name).
* if < 500k pd contributed
* if 500k+ pd contributed
[Share the post

9 Days ago1 comment
#AutumnWishes after interacting with Ookie's pokemon...(Though it may not be much updated lol )

•PLUSHIES!!!!!!!!! Preferably ones I don't have
•Event Pokémon(really want Winter Numel/Camerupt, Hippopotain, Hyrulean Cubone/Marowak, Gloweon or Catercream)
•Keys or Boxes
•Pokémon I need to fill my Dex
•Anything you may just want to send me for a random reason I dunno

12 Days ago2 comments

You fed Reshiram a Bluk Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 2,676 Exp. Points.

13 Days ago0 comments
#AutumnWishes after sending EraserHead a plushie...
Updated list! (Though it may not be much updated lol )
•PLUSHIES!!!!!!!!! Preferably ones I don't have
•Event Pokémon(really want Summer Mareep or an Easter Buneary/Bunnelby or Catercream)
•Keys or Boxes
•Pokémon I need to fill my Dex
•Anything you may just want to send me for a random reason I dunno

13 Days ago5 comments


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Hey everybody! My name is AnimeBlade and I am an avid Pokemon Trainer! I just joined Pokeheroes and I love it already- everything from the plushies to the limited event Pokemon! I love making new friends on here and am pretty active on Pokeheroes! I am VERY obsessed with plushies and would absolutely LOVE any plushies you might send me. Some of my favorite Pokemon are Oshawott, Electivire, Gallade, Torchic(along with his evolutions), Mudkip along with many others! Thanks and talk to you later!

Remember to send me Plushies if you get the chance! (I mean... you don't have to but... I'd really appreciate it )

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