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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 4,621/5,333

Game Records

Trainer ID: #786653118
Registration: 16/07/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 684:49 Hours
Total interactions: 1,056,158
Trainer Battle Stats: 4 won, 1 lost.
Money: 852,260
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


CHALLENGE / FEB 21: If my Minun reaches level 250; 5 lucky interactors will win 1 Dragon gem (or 50k pd, or 15 tickets in #AgBday) each. Hope to announce winners within 2 hrs after reset!
#Ag2Au by Argentis

If this special Minun is placed (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), I'll raffle out prizes!

Grand Prizes:
Zygarde gem-bag
2nd: Red Lunar Wing + Adamant Orb
3rd: Mega stone or Black Key
4th: 200 N or x6 Dragon Gem
5th: Adamant Orb OR Shiny hunt (no genderless)

How to Join:
* Spread this hashtag post with links share here = 1 ticket (max 4 daily)
* Train = 1 ticket OR Berry = 2 tickets (provide proof for either action)
* Send me x1 Rare Candy = 5 tickets

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2 Days ago1 comment
#Ag2Au by Argentis

If we can get this special Minun placed (preferably in 1st, but 2nd and 3rd's good too!), I'll raffle out prizes!

CHALLENGE MODE FEB-17: Raise my Minun's level to 165, and a dragon gem will be raffled to 5 people who interact with him today. For every level above 165, another dragon gem goes to another person!

Grand Prizes:
Zygarde gem-bag
2nd: Red Lunar Wing + Adamant Orb
3rd: Mega stone or Black Key
4th: 200 N or x6 Dragon Gem
5th: Adamant Orb OR Shiny hunt (no genderless)

How to Join:
* Spread this hashtag post with links share here = 1 ticket (max 4 daily)
* Train = 1 ticket (provide proof)
* Berry = 2 tickets (provide proof)
* Send me x1 Rare Candy = 5 tickets

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7 Days ago0 comments
Anyone who wants to swap the 3 legendary hound plushies?

9 Days ago3 comments
By Homera

Dear Users,
Homera's planning a shiny ditto hunt! She will be randomly giving away all extra ditto's. But to get this hunt on the road she will need:
1,000,000 normal gems
A lot of help!

Entry's for the raffle:
50 nuggets = 50 entry's
Sharing = 1 entry
Sending PD = 1 entry per 1.5k

Thanks for reading this, Homera

For more information visit the forum in her contacts labeled The ditto hunt.

19 Days ago0 comments
By Jack_Sparrow
#OneHourRaffle !

Hello everyone it's Jack, once again making a new short raffle ! :>

All you need to do to take part in it is share this raffle and send me a Magikarp plushie to enter (No Shiny)

1x Magikarp Plushie means 1x Ticket, the more number of plushies you send me the more are your winning chances !~ (Though you only need to spread it once)

Prizes :

1st Prize - 10x Red Mystery Boxes !
2nd Prize -10x Red Mystery Boxes !
3rd Prize - 10x Red Mystery Boxes !

(Ends at Server Time - 13:00)

Good Luck :'D

26 Days ago0 comments
By Latios101


Hey guys so I've been on pokeheroes for about 2 years now. I don't really go on it anymore so sadly I'm quitting (But no one probably cares). I decided to give away my best things like my shiny regice and mega ables. So I'm making a raffle as my final thing I do in this game. All u gotta do to enter is share this to others. Prizes will be announced soon. AKA in a few minutes. Raffle ends February 1rst. Ok so here are the prizes to my raffle:

1: mega sableye
2: shiny regice
3: mega Latios (I will miss you!)
4: shiny of their choice first
5: shiny of their choice second
6: the final shiny that's left
7: 4 megable gyrados
8: 2 lugia
9: black box
10: palkia
11: 2 regirock
12: keldeo
13: jirachi
14: 2 celebii
15: 500,000 PD
I will miss you all!

1 Month ago0 comments
By Dokku


I sell my new ditto for nuggets

5k nuggets is Aa but may accept 4500-4700 as well

Pal pad me or pm for deal

Share hashtag and if i sell ditto for 5k will raffle out 2x 250 nuggets

If for less than 5k 1x 250 nuggets

1 Month ago0 comments
By piyush12
Hi Guys,
I am Planning to leave Pokeheroes soon so i am auctioning away my pokemons or giving them for free .But before leaving i want to help you
I am giving away the items mentioned below for free to a lucky winner for free-
470 evolutionary items
4000 berries
1000 random gems
300 cooking items
100 boxes and keys
My pd and around 500 nugget

Please Share this Hashtag each share counts 1 ticket.
The winner will be chosen randomly.

1 Month ago0 comments
By Riven~
Heres another raffle to get my Solgaleo to level 1000!

-Sharing = 1 Ticket
-Interacting = 3 Tickets

Can share/interact every day!


- Enigma Stone
-Enigma Pearl
-Resolute Stone
-5x Star Pieces
-Shiny Heracross
-Shiny Gastly
-Shiny Gengar
-Shiny Starly
- Shiny Doduo

Ends when Sungaleo reaches level 1000!
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1 Month ago1 comment
#ShinyZapdos by Atalina

I want to do something crazy. According to my Pokedex, there are no shiny Zapdos's on the site yet, so I want to get one. But I need a ton of gems and some money (for another box to hold them and for a pokeradar).

I'm going to raffle out the extra Zapdos's to people that help.

Here's how it will work:
• 1 electric gem = 1 ticket (up to 250,000 gems)
• 1 flying gem = 1 ticket (up to 250,000 gems)
• 1,000 pd = 1 ticket (up to 250,000 pd)
• 1 share = 100 tickets (valid once per person)

There will be a lot of tickets, but everyone who contributes will get a shot at a Zapdos.

Please share!

1 Month ago1 comment
Buying normal gems.
I pay 1100PD for each normal gem

1 Month ago0 comments
By- Professor_Mac

Hi.. I'll be taking eggs from the lab. So, please warm the eggs every now and then.
I'll be giving away nuggets, gems, volcanions , and many other things if I hatch something good ( legendary birds , ditto , shiny , mega able). So, interact with my party and share this for better chances..

I keep getting new eggs every 5 minutes or so. So, interact pls!
[Interact] || [Share It]

1 Month ago1 comment
I hope you will be happy with watherver you're going to do, good luck.

1 Month ago0 comments
By magikarp98

i am going to add another prize to the current prizes
Repost this to be entered into the giveaway. contest ends on my birthday. The 27th of December.
the prizes are:
1. 1 mega stone, 1 rowlet, 1 winter numel and 10 super honey.
2. 1 winter numel and 10 super honey
3. 15 super honey
4. 10k pd/1 rowlet
5. 1 bottled message

2 Months ago0 comments
Hot Holiday
Do you want get ✫Shiny Lugia and other prizes?
So spread this hashtag #HotHoliday AND send a Maah some Christmas Gifts to get tickets

Click here to more informations

2 Months ago0 comments
#xShadowsSMG ---WIN A DITTO!---
Join xShadow's first shiny mega hunt's lottery. You can win Shinies, Mega-ables, Pokedollar, Items and more! Join now

More info here.
Get shinies and mega-ables for just 50 water gems!
New! Item trades added.

GRAND PRIZE - DITTO (I'm serious) + Mega Charizard Y (Modest nature) + 100k pd + shiny pokemon + mega-able pokemon

Next Goal 2000 gems.

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2 Months ago0 comments
By WalkingOnSunshine
Haven't done one of these in a while, so how about another raffle from me?

I'm giving away 500 Nuggets! Just use #FastNuggets and around the same time tomorrow I'll announce the winner! Act fast though because you only have 24 hours. Good luck

2 Months ago0 comments

By One_Direction

Hey there,
I am back after a long time because I lost interest inPH so, to bring everyone's attraction towards me again I decided to have a raffle.
If I hatch 2 eggs today, a random person to post with the tag #Welcome1D..
The prizes are
1. Mega gallade
2.200k pd
3. 50k pd
Th basis of choosing the winners is random.. so comment more....

2 Months ago0 comments


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