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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 6,691/13,939

Game Records

Trainer ID: #964212889
Registration: 07/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2019
Game Time: 1937:50 Hours
Total interactions: 1,040,122
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 4 lost.
Money: 164,608
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Killing Argentis one bad ... pun? word play? at a thyme xD

Today, 02:474 comments
//casually counts down days until christmas so I can get USUM//

2 Days ago1 comment
My body is stupid
It naturally woke me up before 9 AM and i can't get back to sleep ;;
It's a Saturday and I'm tired

2 Days ago5 comments
Why haven't I gotten any daycare notifications? No new eggos... aw.. //constantly checks daycare//
//Doesn't realize my payment is "0"//
I just realized and I facepalmed so hard

3 Days ago1 comment
I had a glass display case break above me today.
I have a thick denim (jean) jacket I wear constantly. It's thicker and stronger than my t-shirt and I'm lucky it is 'cause otherwise I probably would have gotten glass in my back.
Also, kind of lucky I was hunched over looking at my phone because I only got glass on my back (slid off my jacket) and a shard or two in my shoe.
Mom's not happy and dad isn't either; mom is going to call the school in the morning (she's livid!).
I really don't want to go back now -- this is why I tend to avoid the foyer. Always rowdy and dangerous with fights. But I was waiting for someone

4 Days ago3 comments
Successfully evolving someone's pokemon like

5 Days ago0 comments
Sorry, re-post
You can evolve the Eevee you're given from the Emera Square* quest :>

5 Days ago5 comments
If you're digging through someone's "extra" boxes, you more than likely got there from their userpage; So, you can spare a minute or two to read their About Me BEFORE you go digging through their boxes.
- Just 'cause it's marked "Extra", does not mean they are for trade/sale/free.

6 Days ago6 comments
Comment possible male/unisex names!
They can be either "pet" names or human names --
and if we doooooo
it's a boy. Our last cat was named George.
If we end up 1) Getting a cat and 2) picking your name, you'll get a pretty gift! That I haven't determined yet
Depending on how many people enter I might give out small thank-you gifts no matter if we get a cat or not ;;

7 Days ago23 comments
Honestly? I'm happy with just about anything.
Whoever my partner is; why don't you give me something that you consider has value?
Whether it's poetry, a mini story, art, shinies, currency, etc - something you think is valuable.
Or, perhaps, something "personal" (such as sharing your favourite song with me.)

8 Days ago1 comment
#FreeMil Round 16 by Argentis
One grand prize of 750k pd and two ways of winning 125k pd!

How to Join:
1) Share the FreeMil Hashtag.
2) PM your vote to Argentis
3) Wait for Argentis to reply and comment on your hashtag share. No reply or comment means you have not followed step 1 or 2 correctly.
4) FreeMil ends on Nov 12th, 1 min before reset!

Poppies are:
* Red
* Yellow

Bonus: help fund FreeMil by sending in 1,250 pd (or a max of 75k pd) and be entered in a contributor prize draw. [Use the “gifts” option in GTS, and comment “FreeMil”] Three prizes for this round, either a MA Charizard OR shiny Charizard OR 125k pd (choice is up for the first drawn name).
* Mega Stone if 600k is raised!

Share It | Google Docs

8 Days ago1 comment
Once the first shiny mega hatches (As it's for someone else...)
Should I continue the hunt for my own shiny mega?

8 Days ago4 comments

8 Days ago2 comments
HATCH IT! ... For science.
Seriously though He saw a shiny legendary in the safari zone. Let's see if the eggo is shiny!

8 Days ago8 comments
Should the Pikachus be returned by now? :X

8 Days ago5 comments

By CassOfDelphi

Hey! I'm trying to get my Froslass a medal in the rally. Dunno if it's possible since all in it are Rowan pokemon currently.

Hoping she's eligible after the Rowan contestants are taken back, but will give the Snorunt out regardless.

Prize/How to enter: A chance at a shiny Snorunt to any who share this post WITH CODES and comment proof of berry being fed either here on on the hashtag you share. If you send rare candy I will count that as 3 entries/candy.

If she wins gold I will give a full set of shiny 'Runts instead of just the one.


9 Days ago2 comments
Brother, how about we split the cost of the New 2DS XL and we share it?
Brother: How about I buy my own, and pay half of yours?
...I feel like he's setting me up

11 Days ago4 comments
Hey kiddo! How's it going?
How is the Pikachu doing?
... It's on Level 174, hu? Not bad. Mine is currently on Level 65. So I guess I have to work a lot harder! But don't worry, I am confident that I will do this, hahaha!
Could I get another level?

11 Days ago1 comment
Video games -
>Almost dies due to drowning
>Drinks water to get health back

12 Days ago4 comments
Aah thanks guys for the pokeballs ;D
Honey Tree is taking all of mine D; lol

12 Days ago0 comments



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