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[L]Ruby/Nugget Lottery

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Posted: Mon, 31/07/2017 00:34 (2 Months ago)
Since I am hoping to Shiny Hunt Groudon, and since my Premium is almost up, I have decided to make a lottery for Nuggets and Rubies. The plan is for the lottery to go until October 31st to give me time to finish gathering the Shiny/Mega Able Ralts, and to buy the event Pokémon from a friend who is gathering them for me.

Nuggets will be worth 100 tickets for every 50 sent
Rubies will be worth 50 for every 1
Terra Cave Maps will be worth 50 for every 1
Blue Boxes/keys will be worth 1 ticket for every 2
Normal Boxes/Keys will be worth 2 Tickets each
Gold Boxes/Keys will be worth 4 Tickets each
Black Boxes will be worth 40 Tickets each
Black keys will be worth 50 Tickets each

Every 50 Rubies/maps 50K will be split between 5 people
Every 300 Nuggets 100K will be split between 10 people

Once all Rubies/Maps have been gathered I will start hunting the groudons (and temporarily stop my Ralts hunt)

0/300 Rubies/Maps
941/16,000 Nuggets (I will not add the nuggets I currently have as I will be using them to buy flutes)

Prizes~ (More will be added throughout the lottery)
1st- 4 Shiny Ralts (one male) and 2 Mega Able Ralts (one male), 2 Shiny Snorunts AND 2 Groudons
2nd- 2 Shiny Ralts and one Mega Able (male), Shiny Glalie & 2 Groudons
3rd- Shiny Ralts, Shiny Gengar & 2 Groudons
Randomly given between all donators
4 Normal Ralts (one male)
50 different people will get a groudon
2 Groudons (2 people will get 2 groudons)
Dark Orb
Hard Rock
Magma Stone
Lustrous Orb
Enigma Stone
Resolute Stone
Resolute Stone (yes, 2 can be won)
Catercream line (3 pokemon)
Candaria line (2 Pokémon)
Nightmare Munna line (2 Pokémon)
Spring Mareep line (3 Pokémon)
Summer Mareep line (3 Pokémon)
Plusle (Flirty) (one Pokémon)
Shiny Beedrill
Shiny Onyx
Shiny Gyrados
Mega Able Gengar
Shiny Cloyster
Shiny Sableye
Cuddlithe line (2 Pokémon)
Rokkyu line (2 Pokémon)
Slowyore line (3 Pokémon)
Kanto Starter Retros (3 Pokémon)
Kanto Starter Retros (3 Pokémon)
Submarine Volcano (Map)
Sky Pillar (Map)
Volcano Cave (Map)
Vortex of Time (Map)
Autumn Abra line (3 Pokémon)
Cubone (Hylian) line (2 Pokémon)
Swampras (1 Pokémon)
Derpatung (1 Pokémon)
Dark Ponyta line (2 Pokémon)
Easter Buneary line (2 Pokémon)
Torcharch line (3 Pokémon)
Winter Nummel line (2 Pokémon)
Shiny Zorua line (2 Pokémon)
van Bagon line (3 Pokémon)
Mr. Bagon line (3 Pokémon)
10 Unmatched boxes/keys will be given out

auroradragon93- 145
SnakesWrath- 650
VampireQueen326- 1,304.5
cln4evr- 24
buscb- 662
Samanthasapphrs- 4
~*Blaziken*~ - 112
heha192- 100
Posted: Wed, 02/08/2017 20:28 (2 Months ago)
It's open!
Posted: Sat, 05/08/2017 03:14 (2 Months ago)
9 new prizes have been added!
Posted: Sun, 06/08/2017 19:31 (2 Months ago)
5 new prizes have been added in since the last post.
Posted: Thu, 10/08/2017 22:45 (2 Months ago)
Every 300 Nuggets 100K will be split between 10 people

Since there are not 10 people yet, but we have gotten 600 Nuggets so far, I will be sending each person 20K rather than 10.
Posted: Sun, 13/08/2017 18:45 (2 Months ago)
Yet another prize has bred added.
Posted: Sun, 13/08/2017 20:30 (2 Months ago)
How many tickets would I get for 4 Nuggets? Sorry that all I got for nuggets.

Posted: Mon, 14/08/2017 01:11 (2 Months ago)
The minimum PH will allow you to send is 50. Sorry.
Posted: Mon, 14/08/2017 01:22 (2 Months ago)
Ok thanks maybe another time

Posted: Sun, 20/08/2017 00:36 (1 Month ago)
More prizes to be added here shortly! (within the next 24-48 hours)
Posted: Thu, 24/08/2017 01:34 (1 Month ago)
More prizes have been added once more.
Posted: Fri, 01/09/2017 00:42 (1 Month ago)
Bump. 2 more months!
Posted: Mon, 11/09/2017 01:16 (1 Month ago)
Bumping up
Posted: Tue, 19/09/2017 18:36 (27 Days ago)
Bumping up
Posted: Fri, 29/09/2017 04:02 (18 Days ago)
Bumping up.