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Dream World

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Fuzzylittlepaws:D Have a nice day random person~!4 Days ago
Ephenia11 Days ago
Ingoldto tip me oovvveerrr18 Days ago
Ingoldget some dp18 Days ago
Ingoldoh man just gotta18 Days ago
vomit22 Days ago
Ingoldno offence intended to these guys29 Days ago
Ingoldand probably cooler tbh29 Days ago
Ingoldonly real29 Days ago
Ingoldjust like Pokémon I guess29 Days ago
Ingoldoh well29 Days ago
Ingoldoh man29 Days ago
Ingoldand there are so many29 Days ago
Ingoldthey're pretty cooooool29 Days ago
Ingoldalways good to learn stuff29 Days ago
Ingoldthe competitions sound really cool29 Days ago
Ingoldeven more buddiieess29 Days ago
Ingoldwell this should be fun29 Days ago
Ingoldoh man turns out you're missing a bunch29 Days ago
valentinaEvent Distribution29 Days ago
Ingoldoh cool exactly 400 dp30 Days ago
IngoldI bet it was really cool30 Days ago
Ingoldglad you did weeelllll30 Days ago
Ingoldit's just great30 Days ago
Ingoldso many potential friends30 Days ago
Ingoldand gotta get those event plushieess30 Days ago
Ingoldgotta love 'emm30 Days ago
Ingoldthis guy's pretty cute30 Days ago
Ingoldhow fun30 Days ago
Ingoldloads of new buddies30 Days ago
Ingoldoh hey30 Days ago
LilithRose1 Month ago
froaki3doki1 Month ago
Viruxe^-^2 Months ago
QueenMiniWow2 Months ago
QueenMiniwheeeeee2 Months ago
Viruxe^-^2 Months ago
MeulingCrimsonHope you have been doing well ^^2 Months ago
MeulingCrimsonHello Friend! Been some time since we last chatted! :32 Months ago
hoodlorAaaaaa2 Months ago
LeChatBoxI should really be saving for shiny mew plushie.. m eh.2 Months ago
LeChatBoxpewpewpewpepwepwepwepew.2 Months ago
LeChatBoxpewpewpewpepwepwepwepew.2 Months ago
LeChatBoxpewpewpewpepwepwepwepew.2 Months ago
Asmodeus2 Months ago
Ingoldthese two are definitely my favourite2 Months ago
Ingoldoh hey they're very cute aren't they2 Months ago
QueenMiniHewwos fam2 Months ago
ViruxeHave a nice day!!3 Months ago
SouthParkFirefly3 Months ago
Ingoldoh I forgot to send a numel, oops3 Months ago
Ingoldyay3 Months ago
Ingoldthese buddies are here to help3 Months ago
Ingoldjust getting myself a ho-oh3 Months ago
Ingolddon't mind me3 Months ago
Ingoldmake it three pudgy pidgey buddies3 Months ago
Ingoldbut here are two pudgy buddies for you3 Months ago
Ingoldoh man I didn't notice them either until someone sent me a load3 Months ago
pVDaiHave an awesome day :33 Months ago
IngoldI'm glad I went3 Months ago