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lillianskye's Gifts

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Sharktibolt 1 Day ago
iwtkms 1 Day ago
Timewolf619 Etro has chosen you to receive a gift today, Kupo~! 13 Days ago
Leicester thanks! 17 Days ago
lillianskye Event Distribution 17 Days ago
Vixie 18 Days ago
RoyalGecko 20 Days ago
KD6-37 Thanks! 20 Days ago
_Suicune_ Hello! :3 21 Days ago
CooperKid248 Thank you for the Mudkip plush. Have a Chikorita in return. His name's Chicory. 24 Days ago
cookiemaster64 Welcome! 29 Days ago
Bullwolf238 29 Days ago
Sartor 1 Month ago
LioshiRey 1 Month ago
Rebecca Thank you for the plushie! Have a great day! 1 Month ago
Ravenswing 1 Month ago
RileyS17 This is Ella, I’ll take good care of Benjamin 1 Month ago
matth99 THANK YOU!! 1 Month ago
Espy And hers is Erica. 1 Month ago
ThePillEmpire 1 Month ago
Loop_Dreamer Thanks for the plushie! 1 Month ago
Castiello11 this is Vishnu ;) 1 Month ago
XtremeChan XD Thanks for Hazel! <3 1 Month ago
Riako Advent Calendar 1 Month ago
PandaWarz Have a Merry Christmas 2 Months ago
Roelles Thanks for your plushie, thats sweet of you hihi 2 Months ago
Cyrus Dialga who? 2 Months ago
Yun_Zhong Do I know u???? owo 2 Months ago
Riako Advent Calendar 2 Months ago
Rexhasselberry 2 Months ago
LilacWhiskers 2 Months ago
cookiemaster64 Welcome! 3 Months ago
Galvadyne 3 Months ago
Galvadyne 3 Months ago
Galvadyne 3 Months ago
lillianskye Halloween Event 3 Months ago
lillianskye Event Distribution 3 Months ago
bluesardine 3 Months ago
AutumnFenny 3 Months ago
CreepyJoker xD 3 Months ago
Ephenia 4 Months ago
Ephenia (: 4 Months ago
Galvadyne ^_^ 4 Months ago
CookiezXX Thank you for the plush, but I have no idea what you meant by your message xd 4 Months ago
lillianskye Special reward for spending 5,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop. 4 Months ago
PurDragon4 4 Months ago
Eclips98 ^^ 4 Months ago
Eeveesaur133 4 Months ago
CreepyJoker 4 Months ago
Jacharias Moonlight's back~! ;) 4 Months ago
Arseny 4 Months ago
Tlilkuautli This is Boo! XD 4 Months ago
lillianskye Event Distribution 4 Months ago
PikachuPrincess359 Have a good day! 4 Months ago
17th chu 4 Months ago
lillianskye Event Distribution 4 Months ago
bluesardine 0_0 4 Months ago
Delina he is an icecream lover 4 Months ago
SonicSuper 4 Months ago
Roelles wrong person you send the plushie to? thanks anyways thought :3 4 Months ago