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WishmakerJirachi's Gifts

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Bridgette 3 Months ago
Ephenia Have a wonderful day! :) 7 Months ago
Coraline 7 Months ago
Ahrim 7 Months ago
WishmakerJirachi Event Distribution 7 Months ago
WishmakerJirachi Special reward for spending 2,500 Dream Points at the DW Shop. 7 Months ago
Ephenia 7 Months ago
Riako Thanks for being an awesome member on PokéHeroes! 7 Months ago
Jun365 Thanks for the plush! 8 Months ago
BulbaForLife Thank you for the soothe bell and also hope you enjoy this cinccino plush ( I took so long to get it :) ) 8 Months ago
Echopaw Here you go. You said you wanted an absol in your "About me", and I searched through your gift log, but didn't find any absols in there. So here you go. Hope you enjoy him!

May StarClan light your path.

~~~Echopaw of BrokenClan
8 Months ago
Waddlenohara 9 Months ago
WishmakerJirachi Event Distribution 9 Months ago
Zotz 9 Months ago
KallMeQul New plushie for you, random user! 9 Months ago
~Xee 9 Months ago
TheNinjaCyndaquil Fire alone can save our Clan. 9 Months ago
Galvadyne ^_^ 9 Months ago
WishmakerJirachi Special reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop. 9 Months ago
SissyFox Meow meow 9 Months ago
Bebo 10 Months ago
Prise 10 Months ago
TheNinjaCyndaquil 10 Months ago
salad owo 10 Months ago
Zolipop The Mighty & Generous Emolga gifts an Emolga Plushie for one of those who interacted with her that day. Today (Day 879) you are the lucky chosen of her, she hopes she made your day better! :)
10 Months ago
Bubble_Lazer 11 Months ago
Bubble_Lazer Are you still mad at me? 11 Months ago
Fatterhorner Oddish says: Don't be afraid to try new things, even if you're not sure you'll enjoy it! You'll never get anywhere if you jut stay in your comfort zone! Don't forget to pay it forward! 11 Months ago
kurama1313 So derpy lol 11 Months ago
Bubble_Lazer Hey 11 Months ago
WishmakerJirachi Thehehe! You found me! 11 Months ago
Bayleef 11 Months ago
Ephenia 11 Months ago
Thisisanicename99 I hope you enjoy this gift from me to you~ 1 Year ago
Ephenia 1 Year ago
Liana10 1 Year ago
GrimLind 1 Year ago
Thisisanicename99 1 Year ago
Thisisanicename99 1 Year ago
Rascal 1 Year ago
MimiKyushu You wanted this, right! Thank you~ 1 Year ago
Thaly 1 Year ago
Galvadyne Welcome to PH! >^..^< 1 Year ago
Littlegamer34 1 Year ago
Tajador Batz 1 Year ago
PrinceFlareon 1 Year ago
-Sylphie Psychic birb~ 1 Year ago
-Sylphie Spooky cat~ 1 Year ago
CerberusRebel 1 Year ago
Scythe 1 Year ago
Thisisanicename99 Enjoy 1 Year ago
Thisisanicename99 It's Nightmare!
Remember him?
1 Year ago
-Kim Welcome to PokeHeroes! 1 Year ago