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Silver_MoonEveryone will have a chance to be guilty for something and improve ^^7 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Princetu fir gali sunega -_- bhot br bola hai mere bre me bol skta hai ,uske ya mere relation or family ke bre me nhi ,mai bol ta ho toh Teri pht jati hai,chir jata hai ,agr vapis bola na ,Teri ------- ,abhi kuch nhi ,ha agr baad me kha toh bol duga -_-9 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Prince11 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Prince11 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Prince11 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Princele Bhai ,tujhe ladki toh na mile lekin ye magikrap rhk le ,hmsha tere st hoga :P11 Hours ago
Silver_MoonYour eyes xDD and this plushie is for those boys who call girls lil brain and think they're pure girls not able to ride bikes -_- get what I mean?? Now if u have any such boy friends with this thinking forward it to them ^^ We'll see ;)1 Day ago
Ashlie1 Day ago
Silver_MoonWhere's the treat for helping u find the ring? :P2 Days ago
Silver_Moonladki ka chehera hai jiske baal ud rhe hain or vo peeche dekh rhi hai..sirf aankhe dikhi uski, Ek pic me vo ped ke paas khadi hai, Ek pic me vo bed par baithi hai... [ 3 faces of one drama queen.I hope one of them will contact u seeing this plushie xD ]2 Days ago
Elynnei7 Days ago
DARKDAVIDZ111 Days ago
Ephenia11 Days ago
Prysto12 Days ago
Yato12 Days ago
ShadowVulpix12 Days ago
Silver_MoonYou started sending kind of plushie I like? :P Thank you ^^12 Days ago
Silver_MoonFriends :P ^^13 Days ago
Silver_MoonPlay kabadi with ur balak on his palpad xD14 Days ago
J_O_K_E_RSpecial reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.14 Days ago
WalkingOnSunshine14 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princele Bhai last thing I send^^15 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princele tere jaisa :P16 Days ago
Puddin~You!17 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princemeri kon hai Bhai ,mujhe bhi bata de-_-17 Days ago
timaalst17 Days ago
Psylo18 Days ago
Psylo18 Days ago
SahilgkI guess this might change your mind :) well i have am idea if u love battle so much pal pad me21 Days ago
Silver_MoonThank you (:25 Days ago
Galvadyne27 Days ago
CalisthenicsGuy:)27 Days ago
~The_Darkling_Mod_Wolf27 Days ago
Elynnei1 Month ago
Elynnei1 Month ago
Yoolina#RandomPlushie1 Month ago
Anubis4Haei loved sasuke and madara^u^and kakashi sensei too^u^ I´m a otaku and a kpoper and j-poper. How about you???1 Month ago
Anubis4HaeHey, how are you??? a new plushie for your collection^^have a nice day1 Month ago
Leicester1 Month ago
bbshark24001 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Half_Blood_Prince1 Month ago
Silver_MoonTy^^1 Month ago
Silver_MoonI don't believe in fairy tales..And I thought someone said beauty comes from inside? ^^1 Month ago
Silver_Moon^^1 Month ago
Silver_MoonHappy new year ^^ pink Pokemon for pink princess.. Sorry xD1 Month ago
JungkookieHappy new year, pink princess.1 Month ago
HappyDebby151 Month ago
OnizukaAll hail to the great Madara !1 Month ago
MegaMioThis was you when you PalPadded me, and i Blocked you2 Months ago
Half_Blood_Prince20 30 pe mt roya kr le tu 100 rupee Ka mega ke st kheliyo :P2 Months ago
cat-rosehappy holiday and thank you ^^2 Months ago
Agent47Christmas Gift2 Months ago
RiakoMerry Christmas!2 Months ago
Agent47Christmas Gift2 Months ago