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PutotyraGraphs! Graphs! I Like Graphs! Graphs! Graphs! Everything... (Cues Test Card)6 Days ago
PutotyraAnd Now... We're Legendary. Oh Wait, Salamence Isn't Legendary. Nooooooooooo6 Days ago
Venom6 Days ago
jinuhave a lopunny10 Days ago
jinu♡♡♡10 Days ago
jinuu10 Days ago
jinuthank10 Days ago
MissBunny17 Days ago
Putotyra><18 Days ago
CerberusRebel18 Days ago
MayLick18 Days ago
sunfire57Sending you one you don't have. :)19 Days ago
Mew24819 Days ago
PutotyraHehehehehe19 Days ago
Putotyra^_^19 Days ago
TomatoC:19 Days ago
Pokehero8719 Days ago
GummipuffThanks for collecting enough Ducklett Feathers for our party!21 Days ago
towomaowob22 Days ago
Professor RowanHihihihihi.22 Days ago
PutotyraPlant A Tree. Cuz Ilex Forest Reasons25 Days ago
PutotyraBefore It Runs Out26 Days ago
PutotyraI'm Tired O_O28 Days ago
towomaowo1 Month ago
PutotyraNow You Have To Add A Celebi To Your Team~ (Would Have Given A Celebi Plush But It Isn't In Stock)1 Month ago
PutotyraYou Really Need To Make Your Own Team... One That Isn't All Jigglypuff >:D1 Month ago
shammy1 Month ago
PutotyraOne More :)2 Months ago
Putotyra><2 Months ago
Lemonjk2 Months ago
Lemonur a scrub but ur my golden scrub2 Months ago
Rainbowshootingstar2 Months ago
PutotyraThis Birb Stares Into Your Soul ><2 Months ago
Lemonuhh which plush did i give u before uh Well you're a really, really great friend and I am excited to see what the future holds! I don't deserve as great a friend as you <3 btw ur a scrub2 Months ago
Lemonscreams2 Months ago
CerberusRebel2 Months ago
CerberusRebel2 Months ago
Zeus2 Months ago
Ferret~2 Months ago
Lemoni cannot be outdone jake paul is #12 Months ago
GummipuffThehehe! You found me!2 Months ago
CrysHi!2 Months ago
Lipe2 Months ago
LOLZGAMER113hello i wanna be your friend2 Months ago
Lemonbye lol2 Months ago
Lemondidnt know this existed? me neither2 Months ago
Lemon2 Months ago
Lemonwell i get more hearts from sending expensive stuff2 Months ago
Lemon2 Months ago
Lemonill finish off with bidoofs2 Months ago
Lemon2 Months ago
Lemonsnoot2 Months ago
Lemon2 Months ago
Lemonwanna cuddle with mi bby ; )))))2 Months ago
Lemonur emo2 Months ago
Lemonglomp2 Months ago
Lemontriggered2 Months ago
GummipuffThehehe! You found me!2 Months ago
GummipuffThehehe! You found me!2 Months ago
LemonIMMMM-2 Months ago