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Half_Blood_Princehmm,idk what to type ,sorry for no reason :P7 Hours ago
krys17108 Hours ago
Half_Blood_Prince(IHURF) AND np I know how u are feeling ,ik that feeling :O3 Days ago
TidePod3 Days ago
TidePod3 Days ago
TidePod3 Days ago
TidePod3 Days ago
TidePodSilver_Moon3 Days ago
TidePod3 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princetake this teddy bear for some days :P till real teddy come3 Days ago
Meatball3 Days ago
~Nightmarewolf~3 Days ago
EeveePowerEnjoy!3 Days ago
Half_Blood_PrinceMissed this!!3 Days ago
Zarkesh3 Days ago
Ephenia3 Days ago
Yato4 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princewhat u are talking ,what I did? XD and u don't fighting but I like fighting :P4 Days ago
CatLady4 Days ago
PokeBabies4Ever4 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princesorry don't have much dp and what msg ? I don't like secrets!! and yw dangerous :P4 Days ago
Wiimpod4 Days ago
J_O_K_E_RKind of plushie u like ^^5 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princetoday monkey come in school XD and scared from me :P and k ^^5 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princem--- (ur voice) XD and sorry ,and take care^^5 Days ago
Meatball6 Days ago
J_O_K_E_Ryour package has arrived..6 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princeyh and why sorry? no need to say XD not ur fault ,I am not SAD or ANGRY ON YOU (:6 Days ago
J_O_K_E_Rabey ja na pakode se...dharti me aisa gadunga, pata nhi chalneka ki anddar hai ki bahar hai xD6 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princekabadi kabadi kabadi joker thor duga teri sari hadi :P6 Days ago
J_O_K_E_Rhey !! kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi !!! heeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!!! hey !! kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi6 Days ago
Half_Blood_PrinceSORRY6 Days ago
Kenpachi116 Days ago
J_O_K_E_RHi miss..how are u doing ?? I'm fine..thank you..j-j-j-j-j-j XD7 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince7 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princety7 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princeidk what u mean and no need to send ,don't waste ur dp ^^7 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princeyh ur name will come in book with highlight words and also small children's will read about u that u did this... first time :P Congrats for not sleeping :P8 Days ago
-Ignis-9 Days ago
JachariasHere ya go..10 Days ago
Zarkesh10 Days ago
Liirah:310 Days ago
Half_Blood_PrinceNew!!10 Days ago
Silver_MoonThehehe! You found me!10 Days ago
Liana1010 Days ago
Snickers10 Days ago
Snickers10 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princewho u mean? XD say on pp only not here :P13 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princehey no need and won't be able to send again ,bcz collecting dp for someone :P guess who? :P13 Days ago
Half_Blood_PrinceCOMPLETE!! :P17 Days ago
Half_Blood_Princeyh right XD18 Days ago
J_O_K_E_Rohio miss !!! whatsup .. Don't know what to type..So, blah blah blah and blah !!!18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_Prince18 Days ago
Half_Blood_PrinceBUG ,don't act like misty XD18 Days ago