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-bea04-Event Distribution21 Hours ago
Bussola22 Hours ago
RoellesMost welcome my lady hihi6 Days ago
Roelleshere a cutie plushie, i see you checked out my profile hihi :37 Days ago
-bea04-Event Distribution9 Days ago
PikachuKrazyKatie25;) For being a good friend9 Days ago
Fuzzylittlepaws:D It's okay ^^ Have a nice day !10 Days ago
TomatoCx10 Days ago
Bubgum15 Days ago
Otaku00716 Days ago
Zotz18 Days ago
Inuiza21 Days ago
Konpaku21 Days ago
-bea04-Special reward for spending 2,500 Dream Points at the DW Shop.21 Days ago
Viviz21 Days ago
-bea04-Event Distribution21 Days ago
Sharktibolt22 Days ago
SasukeUchiha~:)22 Days ago
Seiun24 Days ago
Viviz24 Days ago
Fairygold24 Days ago
Eccothanks26 Days ago
-bea04-Event Distribution26 Days ago
SkyressThanks for the plushie :326 Days ago
Sternchen~ Thank you ~ <329 Days ago
carnivor1 Month ago
FuzzylittlepawsThanks for the plush !1 Month ago
Arseny1 Month ago
LuckyLady<31 Month ago
Inuiza^^1 Month ago
yukikitsune1 Month ago
PikachuKrazyKatie25For you Bea! :D1 Month ago
momalia1 Month ago
CatCatCat1 Month ago
Akurone1 Month ago
Fairygold1 Month ago
LuckyLady<31 Month ago
breathin!!1 Month ago
Otaku0071 Month ago
Masserozzo1 Month ago
MasserozzoThanks =)1 Month ago
Kukaku1 Month ago
-bea04-Special reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.1 Month ago
WifeThank youuu! 。◕‿‿◕。1 Month ago
LaoHyunThank you, I love it !! :) <31 Month ago
Inuiza:D1 Month ago
-bea04-Event Distribution1 Month ago
CharmanderForLiveOof you sent me a plush so yea here a caterpie plush1 Month ago
CharmanderForLiveBloop1 Month ago
DJ_Electro°~°1 Month ago
Agiichan٩(◕‿◕。)۶1 Month ago
Professor RowanHihihihihi.1 Month ago
deliriumEnjoy a plushie!1 Month ago
_the_drawing_girl_Random -w-1 Month ago
Teri7171 Month ago
-bea04-Event Distribution1 Month ago
Amphipterya1 Month ago
possumHave a plushie :)1 Month ago
Icefall1 Month ago
Galvadyne>^..^<2 Months ago