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Pokémon Online Game

Legendary Pokémon Eggs
PokéHeroes is a fanmade Pokémon online game where you explore the legendary mysteries and secrets of Emera Town. You adopt Pokémon eggs, hatch them and raise them to strong and powerful monsters!
Fill your PokéDex, collect rare items, hunt for Shiny Pokémon with the PokéRadar or spend some time in the Global Trade Station, the Safari Zone, at the Emera Beach or at many other cool places all around the town.
Pokémon Starters Shiny Mudkip Cyndaquil Bulbasaur
Dozens of different activities are waiting for a dedicated Pokémon trainer like you!

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Owner: roo3465
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Guzzlord Sprite
09/Nov/18 00:00
News written by Riako
The Ultimate Ultra Beasts
Warp Riding through wormholes

The Ultra Beasts have arrived in Emera Town! Ride on your Solgaleo's or Lunala's back through a wormhole and challenge these powerful beasts in a brandnew quest!
Unlocking this quest requires access to the Ancient Cave and one of the mentioned legendaries with an equipped Ultra Saddle item in your party. On November 12th, the Ultra Saddle becomes a regular mystery box loot item (any color excluding black boxes).

To celebrate the release of these impressive Pokémon from the Alola-Region, we're hosting a Speed Click Event this weekend where you can win limited Retro Eggs of the legendary Lugia and Ho-Oh, as well as the new Ultra Saddle item to get early access to this quest! Sign Ups are already open, check out the link below for further information and to reserve your own time slot.

Speed Click Event Ancient Cave

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Phantump Sprite
27/Oct/18 00:00
News written by a zombie
Halloween Event
Trick or Treat
Halloween Event
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!
It's Halloween time - so get dressed up as a ghost, vampire or zombie and scare other residents of Emera Town to get some tasty sweets!
As every year, you can collect Halloween Sweets by interacting, 'trick or treat'ing other members or by rumbling (requires a special upgrade item). These Halloween Sweets can then be exchanged by very rare Event Items, Event Pokémon and adorable Giratina Plushies!
Speaking of Giratina - its special Origin forme is currently available as a special Plushie Distribution at the Dream World Shop. So make sure to check that out, too!

Halloween Event Dream World Shop
Advent Calendar Drawing Contest
Smeargle Artist
Attention artists: Our Advent Calendar Drawing contest just started as well! This year's topic is: How do Emera Town's residents celebrate the winter holidays?
Submit your drawings until November 23rd and maybe your design will be the background of our official PokéHeroes advent calendar of 2018!

Advent Calendar Contest

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Fennekin Sprite
12/Oct/18 00:00
News written by Riako
New Event Distribution
Piles of leaves

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year: Leaves are turning red and yellow, the harvest is being gathered, and the temperature is getting a little cooler. And it's so much fun to play outdoors with your Pokémon in piles of leaves - especially for a certain new species that has recently been spotted in Emera Town!
Join our newest Event Distribution that just started and claim your own Autumn Event Egg! The distribution runs until October 25th.

Event Distribution Event Discussion

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Riolu Sprite
24/Sep/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Scavenger Hunt
New special Event Distribution

Wild Ponyta Attention Pokémon breeders and trainers of Emera Town: A new competition is about to start at the Emera Square! A town-wide scavenger hunt starts on the Tuesday where your goal is to find three specific Pokémon eggs at the Tall Grass, to hatch them and to evolve them into their final stage.
But be quick: Only the fastest trainers will be able to claim an egg of our new Event Pokémon at the end of this contest as a reward! You can restart the hunt as often as you want to try to beat your record.
The event ends on October 7th.

Emera Square Feedback thread

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Vivillon Sprite
03/Sep/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Queer-Pride Event

Vivillon PrideIn the Pokémon world, everyone is treated equally - regardless of the region one comes from, of who one loves, or what pattern one has on their wings! What we love about the Pokémon world is exactly that it is full of this freedom and openess for diversity - and we should always try to follow that mindset also in the real world!
PokéHeroes is openly supporting the LGBT community - and you are invited to join us with that in our new LGBT-pride event distribution!

Event Distribution Event Discussion
Newbie Mentoring & Writing Contest

PhanpyWe are proud to have a very strong and closely connected community - but that also means that it may sometimes be hard for a new member to find their own place on here. That's why we are starting a new program: The newbie mentoring!
You can sign up as a newbie mentor to help a freshly registered member getting started. Help them with their tutorial, answer their questions regarding the site and make sure they are in general feeling very welcome on our lovely site!

In other news: Our first official writing contest just started! Tell us your untold stories about the residents of Emera Town and win awesome prizes:

Newbie Mentoring Writing Contest

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20/Aug/18 10:00
News written by Riako
Az's Floette
New Event Distribution
Az Flabebe Eternal Flower
A new type of Flabébé has been discovered in Emera Town: The Eternal Flower!
According to an old legend, there once was a mysterious man called Az who lost his beloved Floette in a cruel war of a distant region. This man was determined to revive his Pokémon, no matter what it took. He built an ultimate weapon which helped him to successfully revive it - making it immortal, even. People never stopped wondering what it cost him to achieve this goal.

Event Distribution Event Discussions

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Dialga Sprite
30/Jul/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Primal Dialga
Legendary Event Distribution

Primal DialgaTen years ago, the successors of the great Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spin-off games were released: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness! These games introduced the Pokémon from the Sinnoh-Region to this series, including the legendary Dialga in its special Primal stage.

Primal EggIt's known that this Primal Dialga normally lives at the Temporal Tower far far away from here. But recent rumors among our citizens say that it's been spotted near Emera Town! Some people suspect that it might be searching for a worthy trainer as an accompaniment. Could that be you?

Event Distribution Event Discussions

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