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Pokémon Online Game

Legendary Pokémon Eggs
PokéHeroes is a fanmade Pokémon online game where you explore the legendary mysteries and secrets of Emera Town. You adopt Pokémon eggs, hatch them and raise them to strong and powerful monsters!
Fill your PokéDex, collect rare items, hunt for Shiny Pokémon with the PokéRadar or spend some time in the Global Trade Station, the Safari Zone, at the Emera Beach or at many other cool places all around the town.
Pokémon Starters Shiny Mudkip Cyndaquil Bulbasaur
Dozens of different activities are waiting for a dedicated Pokémon trainer like you!

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Owner: Yun_Zhong
EHP: 2,237/3,840
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Owner: Joltaire
Level: 15
Pecha Berry


Magikarp Sprite
16/Feb/19 00:00
News written by Riako
Beach Update
11 new Magikarp Pattern
Magik Rod
Magikarp Special PatternThe mermaid Leah from the Emera Beach got her hands on a magik-al fishing rod that strongly attracts Magikarp - some of them with an unusual color pattern on their body! Luckily she's willing to sell this special rod to you for - let's say - a hundred delicious and freshly caught Magikarp. Does that sound like a deal to you?

In order to unlock this new exchange, you need to own the Super Rod. This new deal is not time-limited and therefore available permanently from now.

Emera Beach

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Meowth Sprite
05/Feb/19 00:00
News written by Riako
Palpad Update
Group chatting with your friends

The Palpad chat system is receiving a huge update today! Among other things, this update will allow you to create group chats with up to 25 friends.
For this update, the palpad will be offline for a few hours starting at 7 AM.
Update: It is now live! Check out the changelog to get an overview on everything that has changed:

Changelog Trailer Video
Maneki-neko Event Pokémon
Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate the chinese New Year, a brandnew Event Pokémon is being distributed in Emera Town starting today. This Lucky Cat Pokémon is believed to bring luck and fortune to its trainer - so it's definitely worth it to get one for yourself!

Event Distribution

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Dedenne Sprite
20/Jan/19 00:00
News written by Riako
Big Dream World Update

Eevee PlushieOur Dream World Shop has just received a major overhaul: Apart from a complete design upgrade, we have also added a bunch of new hourly and daily tasks for collecting more Dream Points. These new tasks include different activities in Emera Town, more mini games at the Game Center and trading.
But not only that! Starting today, we will have regular Event Plushie distribution every two weeks. Because more events means for fun! Are you ready to collect 'em all?

Dream World Shop Changelog
Tasty Event Distribution

What is your favorite meal? Pizza? Burgers? Ice cream?
What I'm very sure about is that I know what Professor Rowan's favorite dish must be - because he just completed an (admittably very risky yet extremely cool) experiment where he was able to combine his favorite meal with one of his favorite Pokémon species! I wonder what he's going to do with it...?
Oh, right, of course! He wants to give it to trainers in a new Event Distribution! ... Obviously.

Event Distribution

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Ho-Oh Sprite
08/Jan/19 00:00
News written by Riako
New Year's Ashes
New Event Distribution

Phoenix Egg When a year has ended, a new one begins. It starts back in January and goes on until December - it is an endless cycle. Interestingly, this yearly cycle of our calendar is very similar to the life cycle of a phoenix: After it dies in a show of flames and combustion, it is reborn and arises from its own ashes.
In the Pokémon world, people always knew the tales about the Phoenix-Pokémon Ho-oh; but little did they know that there is a second phoenix that is only reborn every ten thousand years. This Pokémon species was a myth for an incredibly long time - but at the beginning of this year, it was reborn and arose from its ashes!

Event Distribution Event Discussions

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Tapu Koko Sprite
01/Jan/19 00:00
News written by Riako
Happy New Year

Welcome in the new year of 2019! Many exciting things happened in 2018 - but even more is planned for the new year!
Our Speed Click Event system has received a major overhaul and is now being replaced by a monthly Speed Click Saturday event - with less randomness and more awesome rewards!

On top of that, a new Rotom species has just been discovered! Experienced trainers of Emera Town found a new item in mystery boxes that apparently changes Rotom into its rare Dex version. I wonder if Professor Rowan has something to do with this?

Let us all celebrate the beginning of 2019 together and talk about the big things that lie ahead of us:

New year's announcements

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Stantler Sprite
10/Dec/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Christmas Gifts
Surprise boxes for your friends
Riolu Christmas GiftOnly two weeks left until the greatest holiday season of the year begins! Have you already written a wish list or bought some gifts for your friends and family?
As every year, you can make your online friends a special surprise with a small PokéHeroes christmas gift. All of these gifts can contain random items like a berry, maybe an evolutionary stone - and sometimes even a rare Plushie or Retro Pokémon! You will definitely make your friends smile with these lovely gifts. So why not send out some right away?

You can buy up to five gifts with PokéDollar per day - each additional costs 20 Nuggets.
Christmas Gifts Advent Calendar

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Snover Sprite
01/Dec/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Christmas is near:
Advent Calendar Event

Advent CalendarChristmas is coming closer and everyone in Emera Town is preparing for the awesome holidays! Are you already as excited as we are?
To make the wait for Christmas a little more bearable, we are having our traditional Advent Calendar Event! Behind each door of our calendar, an individual task and a small reward are waiting for you: Maybe you get an evolutionary stone, maybe just a berry - or maybe even an exciting new Event Egg! Anything can happen.

This year you can pick from five different advent calendar designs; they are the winning entries from our recent community drawing contest!

Advent Calendar

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