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Pokémon Online Game

Legendary Pokémon Eggs
PokéHeroes is a fanmade Pokémon online game where you explore the legendary mysteries and secrets of Emera Town. You adopt Pokémon eggs, hatch them and raise them to strong and powerful monsters!
Fill your PokéDex, collect rare items, hunt for Shiny Pokémon with the PokéRadar or spend some time in the Global Trade Station, the Safari Zone, at the Emera Beach or at many other cool places all around the town.
Pokémon Starters Shiny Mudkip Cyndaquil Bulbasaur
Dozens of different activities are waiting for a dedicated Pokémon trainer like you!

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Owner: Moira_Irion
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Owner: Starph
Level: 57
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Dialga Sprite
30/Jul/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Primal Dialga
Legendary Event Distribution

Primal DialgaTen years ago, the successors of the great Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spin-off games were released: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness! These games introduced the Pokémon from the Sinnoh-Region to this series, including the legendary Dialga in its special Primal stage.

Primal EggIt's known that this Primal Dialga normally lives at the Temporal Tower far far away from here. But recent rumors among our citizens say that it's been spotted near Emera Town! Some people suspect that it might be searching for a worthy trainer as an accompaniment. Could that be you?

Event Distribution Event Discussions

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Electrode Sprite
01/Jul/18 00:00
News written by Riako
PokéHeroes 5th anniversary
Retros, Oricorios, Mew and more!

Shiny MewPokéHeroes has been online for half a decade now - can you believe that?!
During the past five years, we have had the most loyal players that one could wish for. Players that signed up on day one and that are still active today. And we - the staff - have always done our best to be just as loyal to this great community, by providing you with regular updates, contests and special events throughout the years. And we promise to continue to work with exactly this mentality even in PokéHeroes' sixth online year!

So let us celebrate this huge anniversary - with the remake of a special minigame that was only available for a short time in 2013, a Mew Plushie distribution, the release of new Pokémon from Alola and much more!

Announcement post Retro Radar Summer Sale

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Sunflora Sprite
17/Jun/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Almost Summer!
New Event Distribution

Event EggPokéHeroes fifth anniversary is only two weeks away - and you all know what that means! It's finally getting summer time.
Pokémon and trainers are playing under the bright sun, cool drinks are being served at the beach, and the most beautiful flowers are already blooming on the wide meadows of Emera Town. Some of those flowers look kinda weird, though; almost like they are growing on a Pokémon's head!
Come and find out more about these funny Pokémon in a brandnew Event Distribution:

Event Distribution Discussion thread

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Marill Sprite
22/May/18 00:00
News written by Lyra
Apricorn Battle
& new Dream World Plushies

Lyra from JohtoApricorns Hello everybody, my name is Lyra and I'm from the beautiful Johto-Region. It's nice to meet you!
The Silph Company is organizing an Apricorn Battle every year in the Johto-Region and since it's always been such a successful festival, they decided to organize one here in Emera Town as well! It's an exciting event that is all about the power of apricorns - so much fun! If you're interested in participating, then please come to the Emera Square so I can tell you all about it.

Apricorns Oh, and before I forget! I was told to inform you about new Dream World Plushies at the shop! Eleven new plushies have been released and there is also a legendary Plushie Event with Reshiram and Zekrom going on right now. You should check it out!

Emera Square Dream World Shop

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Ducklett Sprite
04/Apr/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Ducklett Party Week
Join the festivities

Birthday DucklettIt's that time of the year again: All Ducklett of Emera Town are gathering for their famous party week! Trainers are allowed to join as well, but they need an invitation first. And in order to get an invitation, they need to prove themselves in a brandnew minigame!

Multiplier IconAside from many Item and Pokémon gifts that are waiting for you in this Event, there is also a sitewide x3 Interaction Multiplier throughout the first day to celebrate this occasion. Enjoy yourself and have some cake!

Ducklett Party News thread

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Diggersby Sprite
01/Apr/18 00:00
News written by Riako
The following news post was part of our April Fools' Day Event in 2018:

Buneary's Easter Egg Hunt
An even more special Event
Special Easter Egg
Many trainers have already found all twenty eggs in our ongoing Easter event. It's time for another challenge!
A second set of five fancy colored eggs has been hidden carefully by cute Buneary in many different spots all around town! Buneary are a bit more indecisive than Bunnelby, though, so it is possible that these Easter eggs are not static in their location. They might move while you're searching for them - literally!
After finding all five special easter eggs, you get to claim yet another brandnew Event Pokémon.
Good luck and happy hunting!

Regular Easter Event Special Easter Event

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Lopunny Sprite
25/Mar/18 00:00
News written by Riako
Bunnelby's Easter Egg Hunt
Special Event

Our great community created 20 beautiful Easter Eggs in an exciting Spriting contest during the last few weeks. The fancy colored winner eggs have now been hidden carefully by cute Bunnelby in many different spots all around town!
As it's tradition in Emera Town, not only children search for Easter Eggs, but also motivated Pokémon Trainers. This year, when you find twelve eggs or more, you receive a special Event Item. And when you manage to find eighteen out of twenty, you get to claim a brandnew Event Pokémon on April 2nd!
Good luck and happy hunting!

More details Easter Event

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